Breast surgery

Correcting a breast is a very personal thing. Not only emotionally but also physically. Dr Klepetko has specialised in breast surgery during her academical career and is currently attached to an oncological breast centre in the biggest cancer institute in the Netherlands. This means that she is able to put this extensive experience in breast reconstruction to good use in her private practice.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is still one of the most popular aesthetic operations. There have been many advances in safety and durability of these prostheses and complication rates have declined dramatically as a result of that. Breast prostheses are nowadays made in many different shapes and sizes, which makes it possible to adjust to the desires of each individual. Dr Klepetko will take ample time during the consultations to evaluate and determine the best shape and volume in your situation in order to achieve a nice and natural looking result. Together you will try a number of test prostheses for size, so you will be able to have a realistic impression of what the result could look like.


Loss of volume or elasticity of their breasts is an often heard complaint of women. Due to pregnancies, loss of weight or just getting older, the shape of the original breast is lost over time. A breast lift can restore the relation between skin and breast tissue, which however can only be done by removing the excess of skin (and thus leaving scars). Sometimes a prosthesis is also needed to add volume. The scars luckily are not very visible and run around the aureola and then down to the fold underneath the breast. They tend to fade over time.

Breast reduction

Large breast can cause problems on different levels. Firstly on a physical level, by bra straps that dig into the shoulders or neck pain evolving over the years. Secondly though there is an psychosocial aspect to it, that restricts or colours social interaction. A breast reduction can help in those situations. This operation consists of reducing the overweight of the breast tissue and adjusting the skin accordingly. Usually this not only results in less weight (normally around cup B/C), but also in an improved shape of the breasts. The scars are the same as in a breast lift.


Men also have breast tissue. In some cases this tissue can proliferate out of proportion, so it shows to others. Especially during puberty this can be the result of a hormonal dysbalance, reason why blood tests can be indicated to find the cause.

Preferably the swelling is corrected by liposuction, but sometimes it is also needed to resect glandular tissue or excess of skin.

Breast cancer

Often the treatment of breast cancer involves surgical resection of part or of the complete breast. Many women feel that this reduces their sense of femininity. For these women a breast reconstruction is not only a way to get their breast back, but also to restore this feeling of being complete, of being a woman.

Dr Klepetko has devoted her academic career to the treatment of breastcancer and the reconstruction of what is lost in this process. She thus has extensive experience not only with the different surgical option, but also, being a woman herself, is able to relate better to what it really means to loose a breast to cancer.